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Came Safe

Came Safe is one of UK’s leading organizations that promote the importance of gate safety.

In the last few years in the United Kingdom, there have been several unfortunate headlines about incidents that caused serious injury or death because of unsafe automated gates. Since then, the UK has tightened up on its regulations for automated gates. There are more safety regulations than ever before and for a good reason too. Not too many realize that automated gates are considered a machine, and henceforth, can be deadly.

Came Safe has been promoting gate safety for the last six years. They offer a safety training program to professional gate installers that are interactive and provide a real understanding of modern day safety requirements. If passed, an installer can claim their CAMESAFE Installer Certificate, which allows claiming themselves as a CAMESafe installer or CAMESafe engineer. These installers and engineers are also given the permission to use the official CAMESAFE Installer badge.

Allowing your company to become CAMESafe qualified is detrimental.

A Came Safe company has higher standards in safety than those that do not. Companies with Came Safe certification prove to customers that they understand the safety regulations and they can trust the company that they are working with to install an automated gate safely.

Any company that does not follow the legal safety guidelines when installing an automated gate may receive legal consequences. To avoid being sued, and ruining any financial careers, it is detrimental that any company with gate installers takes the CAMESafe course in order to become accredited in gate safety. It can save a business legally, financially, and morally.

Came Safe courses are EDI accredited.

The courses that installers are taking can be fully trusted. They meet all EN standards along with the generic Machinery Directive that all automated gates must follow upon installation. Courses are also part of the Interactive Class Association which represents for the more interactive teaching environment during the course.

What does CAMESafe mean to customers?

With a certified Came Safe Installer or a Came Safe engineer, customers can trust that their automated gate is going to meet all of the legal standards related to gates. There will not be any severely dangerous situations you can put yourself in because the gate will have all of the up-to-date safety technologies that are needed to follow the legislation.

London Gates & Grilles is proud to be a Came Safe Company. We guarantee our gates will meet all of the EN safety standards. Our customers are proud to know that their gate installers were CAMESafe certified.