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Palisade Fencing

Protect your premises with steel Palisade Security Fencing supplied and installed by us

Palisade Fencing is indisputably one of the most cost effective means of providing a high-level of security. Palisades as a security system protect the boundary of every type of property, whether it is commercial, industrial or residential. At London Gates & Grilles, we provide a range of Palisade Security Fencing to suit everyone’s security requirements.

Palisade Security Fencing is very difficult to climb and gain foothold, vandalize or harm by unwanted people. Further advantages of these fences are their sharp pales and the narrow spacing between them thus making them the perfect security system. We use steel which is rust proof thus improving the life span of the fence.

Customized Palisade Fencing to suit your taste and requirements

London Gates & Grilles supplies and installs Palisade Fencing to suit customer requirements. The length, thickness, style and color can all be varied as per your requirement. We offer a variety of designs to choose from and once you have selected your option, we deliver and install the fence as per your specifications.

Palisade Security Fencing is scalable to your needs

No matter where you want the Palisade Security Fencing installed, we have just the right solution for you. Whether it’s a house in the suburbs or a high rise apartment building, whether it’s a park or playground or a school, we have options which are scalable at varying levels. Our expert team can visit your premises, do a survey and based on that provide you with the most appropriate solution for your Palisade Security Fencing requirement.
Advantages of utilizing Palisade Security Fencing to secure your perimeter include:

  • Palisade Security Fencing minimizes to a very large degree, the probability of unauthorized entry into your premises by climbing over or even with the aid of tools.
  • The Palisade style of fencing sustains a level of visibility through the fence that assists in natural supervision of the premises thus deterring unauthorized entrance and helps detection.
  • Infiltration through the fence is very difficult because of the gauge and design of materials utilized in the fabrication of the fence.
  • Additional topping make climbing over the fence all the more difficult and thus fortifies security even further.
  • The product is strong and long-life due to it being resilient against corrosion and vandalism.
  • The fence can be finished in different colors, hence you can have a color coordinated exterior.
  • The open style of the pales is less prone to spray painting and graffiti.
  • It is an aesthetically pleasing perimeter security fence that is especially appropriate for suburban and urban areas.

London Gates & Grilles provides you with optimum solutions for all your Palisade Security Fencing requirements. Contact us today for more details.