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Gate Safe

A trusted company that strives for the safety of automated gates.

Gate safety has become a major concern over the last few years because of recent news headlines that have described injuries and deaths caused by automated gates. Since 2010, there have been at least eight automated gate related accidents, three of them being fatal. In order to try to put a stop to these accidents, Gate Safe has begun a national campaign to improve the safety of all automated gates.

Started in 2010, Gate Safe has been constantly trying to raise awareness among the public, government, and gate installers. Their ultimate goal is to entirely stop any automated gate accidents. To do this, Gate Safe lobbies for stricter legislation on gate safety, promote recognition amidst the public and professionals in the gate installation industry, and train installers and Health & Safety advisors on the proper safety guidelines for automated gates.

Gate Safe offers training courses frequently.

These courses are offered every month at different locations throughout the United Kingdom for any professionals in the automated gate industry. One course is all that is needed in order to become a Gate Safe Installer or a Gate Safe Engineer. A single course lasts about four hours, and will cost 175 pounds. Those who pass the course will be given an IOSH certified certificate, permission to use the Gate Safe Aware Installers logo on company cards and websites, and also an extensively detailed training reference manual.

During the course, some of the topics you will cover are:

  • The problems that show up when you fail to install a gate by correct safety standards
    • Failure to follow guidelines can be disastrous legally, financially, and morally.
  • Risk Assessment protocol
    • Goes over the Machinery Directive 2006 /42/EC which dictates if the gate has gone through an entire full risk assessment.
  • Variants of gates, and each of their safety hazards
    • Each type of gate, whether it be swing, sliding, bi folding or rising arm barrier, bring their own set of safety hazards.
  • Importance of maintenance
    • Maintenance makes sure that the gate stays under full safety regulations, and guarantees that a gate will be as safe as possible.
  • And so much more

Gate Safe is a leading initiative that aims to improve the overall safety of automated gates. Any Safe Installer or Safe Engineer that receives certification from the Gate Safe training program makes for a safer gate experience.

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Gate Safe