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Gate Designs

We provide a definitive collection of gate designs for all types of gates and grilles

At London Gates & Grilles we provide our customers with a one stop shop for gates, grilles and access control equipment. We have a large range of designs and styles available in our portfolio which you can view in our galleries. Most of our products are available in stock and what we don’t have in stock we provide to you on priority. We deliver express and also install if so required. Our team is there to help you with all kinds of solutions pertaining to gates, grilles and access control systems.

Our gate designs are second to none, Click Here to view our Gate Designs

Driveway Gate Designs

At London Gates & Grilles we design and manufacture various varieties of driveway gates so that you have the alternatives you desire when you want to install a new driveway gate or replace your old one with a new design closer to your preferences. The basic material of the gate, its design and the various functions or utilities it offers are the various factors that you should consider when selecting a driveway gate. We offer multiple options in all the mentioned aspects.

We offer manual or automated Driveway Gates. They can be made as single or double leaf gates and can be adjusted to be swinging or sliding as per your requirement. View our Driveway Gate Designs page.

Pedestrian Gate Designs

We at London Gates & Grilles offer a wide variety of pedestrian gate styles and types. We can also provide you with custom made pedestrian gates that reflect your unique sense of style and aesthetics.

The Pedestrian Gates we offer can be made from steel or wood. You can add automation and access control systems depending as per your requirements. View our Pedestrian Gate Designs page.

Barriers & Bollards

Barriers and bollards are useful when there is need for access to be limited to certain places especially in commercial or industrial environments. They also help establish a point of control through which supervision of the traffic movement can be monitored and controlled.

London Gates & Grilles offers a comprehensive range of barriers and bollards for every conceivable use. View our Barriers and Bollards Design page.


We supply and install shutters for all purposes from a garage door to your home windows to industrial buildings. We have a large collection of shutter designs that you can choose from. Our shutters are made from sturdy and flexible material to ensure that you get the best when you order from us. View our Shutter Designs Page.

Security Grilles

At London Gates & Grilles, we offer a complete range of security grilles which conform to your exact security requirements. We ensure that every aspect of your security prerequisites is taken into consideration and a security entrance solution completely in sync with your constraints is developed for you. View our Security Grilles Design Page.


We offer a variety of railings that you can choose from. Your choice is not just limited to what you can view in our galleries. We also offer custom made solutions for your railings requirements. View our Railings Design page.

Check out our galleries in the Product Design page and make your selection today. Contact London Gates & Grilles for more details.