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Security Gates

When security and access control is of utmost importance it is essential that the gates installed for entry offer maximum precautionary features.

While convenient accessibility is essential for every building, in today’s world the security aspect cannot also be underplayed. It is necessary that unsavory elements be kept at bay so that a more comfortable and secure environment is provided to all of us. Hence the installation of Security Gates suited to a specific level of security becomes a fundamental necessity. Some areas like jewelry stores and banks are more sensitive and require a more sophisticated set-up for access control, when compared to others.

No matter what your security requirement, London Gates & Grilles will provide you with the perfect Security Gates

At London Gates & Grilles, we offer a complete range of security gates which conform to your exact security requirement. We ensure that every aspect of your security prerequisites is taken into consideration and a security entrance solution completely in sync with your constraints is developed for you.

Some of the security options that we have readily available for you include:

  • Maximum Security Revolving Doors & Portals
    • High security
    • Ease and steady tempo of operation
    • Utilize state of the art sensors
    • Guarantee single person entry per authorization
    • Reduce manned guards costs
    • Best for government or corporate offices, banks, etc.
  • Varying Height Turnstiles
    • Available in both waist-high and full-height options
    • Optimum for checking and streamlining high traffic flow
    • Operable in both manual and electronic modes
    • Various designs and security levels
    • Best for sports arenas, subways, office environment, etc.
  • Optical Turnstiles
    • Utilize detection beams for passage of users
    • Available in varying heights and styles
    • Compatible with most types of access control systems
    • Various options available depending on your requirements and budgets
    • Best for offices, airports, banks, etc. in supervised lobbies or areas of transition from public to secure parts of a building

The options for you to choose from are abundant. You can choose to have:

  • Metal Security Gates
    • These gates are heavy duty gates that get the job done for areas that need to be secured as strongly as possible. This may include government buildings, corporate offices and banks.
  • Home Security Gates
    • These are usually simple gates with a lower standard for security. They still vary when it comes to height, as you can have waste high gates or full-height gates.
  • Electric Security Gates
    • The more convenient types of gates. Electric security gates are able to open through remote button presses, or automatic motion sensors. They are mostly used for residential areas and working office areas.
  • Security Door Gates
    • Small gates compared to the driveway gates. Security door gates are attached to full height gates, but are only the width of a normal doorway. Almost always found in residential areas. We also offer solutions more amenable to the specific and unique requirements of handicapped people.

London Gates & Grilles are an established company that works towards the optimum satisfaction of its customers. We offer the most comprehensive security options for access control. Our team of expert technicians ensures that your requirements are met in a comprehensive and cost-effective manner. We offer various products which fit your requirements. Furthermore, we also install these products at the designated premises and offer advanced customer care after installation in terms of maintenance, repairs and servicing. We also offer all our existing customers product upgrades as and when they are available to further enhance the product’s performance.

Contact us today for further details and information.