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Door Grilles

Our Solid Bar Door Grilles offer a great alternative for complete security

When you are at home with your family every added security feature to keep you and your family safe and protected is welcomed. While doors in themselves have many features which provide safety like locks, chains, key holes, etc. a door grille provide extra reinforcement of protection at home. What’s more, these door grilles come in various attractive designs and styles and look good as part of your residential look and décor.

At London Gate & Grilles we offer solid bar door grille for both swinging and sliding doors, suitable for all types of residential structures from apartment buildings to large mansions. We have the door grille that will suit your requirements in terms of price, style, design and elegance. We also offer custom made door grille solutions to our customers who have discerning aesthetics.

The door grilles that we offer are made from the best metals, which offer maximum protection through their strength, ultimate style through their designs and the peace of mind you and your family rightly deserve. Our door grilles when combined with quality frames and hardware offer appealing and yet at the same time, low maintenance protection for your home.

We offer multiple design options for our various customer requirements.

For those customers who wish for a standard and simple solution, we can offer a regular design door grille with a suitable locking system for complete security. This option gives you the peace of mind you require at a very reasonable price.

For customers who want more, we also offer more elaborate and ornate designs which go well with doors of any size and look very attractive and appealing to the eyes. We must point out here, that a more elaborate design does not in any way mean that we compromise on the security aspect of the door grille. We guarantee that all our designs whether simple or elaborate, offer maximum security options for optimum peace of mind for our customers.

What’s more, these door grilles are finished in a color of your choice with a powder coat finish, so the grille complements your residential décor and color schemes.

Choose from our large range of alternatives available from our galleries. If you do not like what you see, contact us and we will provide you with more tailor made solutions – options that are closer to what you require in terms of types and designs, finishing and prices.