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Window Grilles

Our Window Grilles are offered in appealing designs, They give additional protection and are attractively priced – we offer definitive window grilles solutions

Windows are excellent sources of sunlight and breeze, they provide the necessary ventilation required within living spaces. However, they can also be an access point to your house for unwanted elements. A good option to fortify the security of your house is to add Window Grilles to your windows. These grilles do not only provide the necessary added element of protection, but also add to the beauty of your house through attractive designs. London Gates & Grilles has the perfect assortment of Window Grilles for you to choose from.

We supply and fit all types of grilles in windows of all sizes. Our grilles are functional as well as eye-catching. Our large range of grilles with modern and classic designs is available in varying colors also to match your preference.

Concertina Retracting Grilles

At London Gates & Grilles we offer all types of Concertina Retracting Grilles. These folding and sliding grilles are preferred in shops, restaurants, businesses and homes and are most functional in spaces that are constricted. Concertina grilles can be made to fit almost any window and can open on either side or come together at a central point. Depending on your personal preference, they can also have more than one lock for added protection.

Take a look at the many design options we have available for Concertina grilles and choose one for yourself. All of these can be fitted and installed for varying window sizes and most of the designs can also be finished in colors of your choice with a powder coat finish.

Solid Bar Grilles

We also have a collection of Solid Bar grilles which can be installed at the more vulnerable windows in your house. These grilles offer a great option of security as they are fixed in place when installed and cannot be opened. They can be as plain and simple as you want them to be. On the other hand they can also be very ornate and decorative. It is all a matter of what you require based on your taste and budgets. We also finish the solid bar grilles in any color of your choice with a powder coat finish. For the various styles and options of solid bar grilles available with us, check out our selection.

Fire Safe Security Grilles

We also offer various solutions for fire safe security grilles for your windows. These grilles offer the facility of opening slots or doors which allow for easy escape in an emergency. London Gates & Grilles offers very attractive styles and designs of window grilles. We are certain that we have the design that you are looking for. Just have a look at our Product Designs and select the window grille of your choice. What’s more, they can be available to you in a color of your choice through our powder coat finishing.

We offer facilities of installation at reasonable costs and in minimal time. So contact us today and get the window grille of your choice.