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Access Control

The best access control system for optimum protection and safety

Access Control systems are a vital part of any type of security system and provide to the people utilizing them, an expedient platform to manage the security requirements of their house, office or facility. These are much more than just systems for monitoring access to doors or entrances, even traditional keys can do that. Access Control systems provide a host of advantages and features to people using them.

London Gates & Grilles can provide and install the most sophisticated Access Control system in your house or office. These systems provide you with many benefits including:

  • Tracking of who accesses your premises and at what time.
  • Available and installable in varying scales – from the control of a single door or gate through to a fully computerized, multi-site network of control points.
  • Provide control over most standard types of internal and external electronic and magnetic door releases and devices, including gates and barriers making full utilization of location points.
  • Provide a higher degree of security as electronic keys are difficult to replicate. Duplicating electronic access control systems is very difficult and hence further fortifies your security.
  • Completely customizable for every user – electronic access control gives the user ability to set user level access rights for even individual doors. Hence tailor made to your security requirements.
  • Can also provide other options like sealing down of the facility, motion detection, alarms, calling up live video when required, etc.

An access control system can be employed for virtually any door that you want to supervise access to. Interior and exterior doors can easily be controlled with readers, contacts and an assortment of locking devices to suit your requirements. London Gates & Grilles makes access control as simple as possible to put into practice at your home or your office. Whether you are designing a single door system or a complex structure of many doors over various facilities we will provide you with optimum solutions.

Elevator access control to supervise admission of entry on different floors of your building

For many large scaled housing complexes or residential facilities, it is not suitable for all and sundry to access each floor of a building. With the use of elevator controllers you can limit card holders to access only the floors that they need to be on, creating better control over your facility. Elevator controllers are programmed and managed with superior access control technologies which make it easy to supervise, monitor and control access of unrelated people in larger premises. Elevator are best suited to large office buildings, apartment complexes, hotels. Etc.

For the best in access control solutions, contact London Gates & Grilles. We guarantee that no matter what your requirement or your budget, we will find the most appropriate access control system for you. We will scale it down or up to the level of security required and ensure that maximum security is provided to everyone in the premises.

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Access Control