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Steel Components

Adorn and beautify your gate with a variety of Gate Elements available through us

Steel Components- The utility purpose of any gate is to protect from outside elements and give a secure entrance to any house, office or building. However, there is no reason why the gates cannot look beautiful while performing their duty. We at London Gates & Grilles firmly believe that every gate should look beautiful no matter what the size or the building it is located at. We therefore, offer an extensive range of designs for gates, which you can go through and select from. Furthermore, we also have a wide assortment of gate elements or accessories that when incorporated into the design of the gate will further enhance its veneer. Steel Components

London Gates & Grilles provides you with multiple components for the further beautification of your gate

rh4Rail Heads

Top off your gates and railings with a rail head of your choice

Rail Heads can be applied on all types of gates and fences providing both beauty as well as added security due to their sharp edges. We offer rail heads in a various range of designs, modern or classic, shapes and sizes.

railbarsGate & Railing Bars

Choose your bars to bring your Gates & Railings to life
Typically mounted straight up, bars provide continuity and are the body of construction of any metallic gate or stair case railings. London Gates & Grilles offers gate and railing bars and varying styles, designs, sizes and color. Choose from our varied range of strong and stylish gate and railing bars. You can also use complementing bars for the same gate or railing to give it a more personalized touch.


Add baskets to your design for a touch of elegance

Baskets combine in naturally in the designs of fences, stair railings and gates. London Gates & Grilles has a large array of baskets in appealing designs for you to choose from. Add a touch of style with baskets from our range.


Scrolls add a lovely touch to driveway gates

Scrolls come in varying sizes in diameter and thickness, fortifying your gate, railing or fence, while making it look more beautiful. Choose from our various design alternatives and select a scroll of your choice to accessorize your driveway gate or fence.


Circles can be a great addition for decoration on your gates

Make your gate or fence even more attractive with circles as an adornment. London Gates & Grilles offers various designs and sizes of circles which you can choose from and add as an accessory to your gates, fence or railings.


Collars are a great addition to break up plain bars in your gates and railings

Collars are used for joining different metallic bar components together and to also augment the design of gates, railings, etc. Also, they can be used to make beautiful patterns. We have collars of different size which can be easily welded together easily to make attractive designs.

dp14Gate Decorations

Add decorations to your design as a finishing touch to your gates

We have gate decorations in many shapes, designs, sizes and colors to make your gates, fences, window grilles and railings look even more attractive and decorative. Have a look at our range and decide on the decoration piece most suitable or aesthetically appealing to you. You can also use different pieces to create a customized gate that no one in your neighborhood would have.

pt4Post Tops

Finish off your posts with a nice top piece

Our post tops will add the finishing touches to your railings, fences, or gates. These fit all pole sizes and we offer a diverse range to choose from.

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