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Grilles Services

We offer and integrate grilles services for doors and windows in various shapes and sizes. These can be for residential, commercial, or industrial purposes.

Our window grilles are mostly window security grilles, and can cover a comprehensive amount of window sizes and shapes. Your household windows or a commercial building’s windows. All covered by our secure grilles.

Our grille collection is of a simple variety. Window grilles and door grilles are among the majority, and are usually metal grilles. Metal grilles can be aluminium, stainless steel, or galvanized steel. We also offer window security grilles to have an electric motor for those who need to move large grilles quickly. The side-folding grilles that we sell own the record for the shortest stacked dimensions.

Residential window grilles or door grilles are fairly simple in design. Consisting of an accordion style folding mechanism, or a solid bar design, our grilles prove a great deterrent to criminals.

Commercial grilles are slightly more complex due to their size and weight. All of our grilles are custom made because there is no “one size” that fits all commercial buildings. Because of this, we have standard track curves for full wall of glass that may need to be protected. The angles that we support are 90 degrees, 120 degrees, 135 degrees, and 150 degrees. These are just the standard curves, and a custom curve can be designed for you. With the huge sizes that these grills may pose, the electric motor that we offer with our grilles works great for the really large grilles in commercial buildings.

London Gates & Grilles wants our customers to have an ease of mind when they are away from their buildings. With our security grilles you can have that ease of mind. With grilles, it is very unlikely that a criminal will even try to break in.

All of our grilles are designed for two reasons: durability and easy operation. We guarantee you that our comprehensive collection will follow those reasons. There is no other company in the United Kingdom that can offer the customer loyalty that we pledge ourselves to. It is important that we supply our customers with the most secure and convenient safety for their property.

Grilles Services