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Intercoms Services

We provide complete intercom solutions for your homes and offices

Intercoms Services are excellent stand-alone voice communication system for utilization within a building or a small collection of buildings, functioning autonomously of the public telephone network. Intercoms can be generally installed permanently in buildings and can integrate connections to various communication systems.

Intercoms are a very reliable and ideal system for security for homes and offices whereby visitors can be screened by talking to them before they are allowed to enter the premises. London Gates & Grilles provides its customers with the latest and most cost effective intercom systems for all their security concerns. Not only do we offer a large assortment of state of the art intercom solutions, we also have specialized experts who can install them for you, provide you with the necessary training to use them and provide you round the clock servicing and maintenance after installation.

We provide the most up-to-date intercom systems for maximum security for you and your family

Most customers first try to establish what type of functions they want in an intercom system before purchasing it. Some intercom systems are more complex than others when installing as it is more complicated to wire the system in an already existing building. Some options that we offer for intercom systems are:

  • Hardwired Intercom –Ideally installed during construction of building, are more costly but with high quality of audio.
  • Carrier-Current Intercom – Can be installed after construction of building, work alongside electricity of the building as they are integrated with the building’s internal electrical wiring. Are cheaper in cost.
  • Wireless Intercom – Uses radio frequencies to transmit signals. Less expensive but audio quality is hampered by interferences from external noise – no installation required.
  • Automatic Gate Entry Intercom – Allows users to operate gate or door remotely. Some use video cameras for identification while others are only audio-based.

All our audio-based intercoms include a call facility, full duplex speech and the facility to release the door or gates. Our intercoms with visual capabilities include other than the call facility, full duplex speech and facility to release the door or gates, mono or color video and camera recall.

As a company that prides itself in providing complete access control security services to its customers, London Gates & Grilles can also customize intercom systems to suit your specific requirements. By combining modules together we can produce a system as simple as a single button or as complex as a multiple button with video, coded access or proximity sensor activation.

The great part of the intercom systems is that they can beef up your security no matter where you use them. Intercom systems can be installed in apartment buildings, large office buildings, houses, shops, etc. The added advantage other than the security aspect is the fact that intercoms also provide a lot of convenience. If you live in a multi-storied building you can easily buzz up your visitors, rather than having to run down the stairs or elevator in order to get them up. Moreover, you can also install intercom systems within your home for internal communication between rooms or to keep a lookout on your family – such systems can be used in an office setting also.

We can assist you to choose the best intercom system for you and also install it for you at the most reasonable price. Call us today for a free quotation and more information.