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Hand Rails

Hand rails serve a multitude of purposes but they are primarily associated with your safety. Ever noticed how many accidents happen going up and down the staircase more than anywhere else in the house? That’s because it’s natural for people to lose balance when they are climbing up and down the stairs and they instinctively need something to hold on to and that’s where handrails serve its main purpose. A strong handrail ensures safety and convenience, it not only prevents falls and slips but it is also important for people with vision problems and other disabilities.

However handrails serve a lot of other purposes as well, many people are now installing handrails because of its aesthetic appeal. London Gates and Grilles offers a variety of handrails for different applications, whether you want it for your staircase, elevators, walkways or bridges, we promise to deliver brilliant designs, unbeatable quality, and uncompromising safety. Manufactured using aluminium steel or stainless steel, our handrails are one of the best in London.

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