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Barriers and Bollards

We supply and install all types of barriers and bollards and give advice on the best choice for your needs.
Barriers and bollards are very effective tools for regulating movement, especially in high traffic areas. They are useful when there is need for access to be limited to certain places. They also help establish a point of control through which supervision of the traffic movement can be monitored and controlled.

A barrier, also at times referred to as a barricade is a physical structure which acts as a blockade to incoming traffic – it impedes the traffic for purposes of managing it in a streamlined manner.

A bollard similarly is a short vertical post, the chief objective of which is to regulate and direct road traffic. These vary in shape and features depending on the type of traffic control they are meant for.

London Gates & Grilles offers a varied variety of barriers and bollards. Some features of our barriers and bollards include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Meet EU standards of quality
  • Most reasonably priced
  • Easy to install – in fact we also install them for you if you so require
  • Can be delivered at a location of your choice
  • Are available in fixed and removable versions
  • Enhance any environment

What’s more you get all this with a friendly and courteous service from our staff. Our assortment of barriers and bollards include, but is not limited to:

  • Arm Barriers – Effectual visual restraints, requiring oncoming traffic to come to a complete stop hence greatly increasing the level of security.
    • Standard Arm Barriers
    • Heavy Duty Arm Barriers
    • Automatic Arm Barriers
  • Safety Barriers – Provide a safe perimeter / barricade to help avoid accidents.
    • Plastic Safety Barriers
    • Works Safety Barriers
    • Metal Safety Barriers
  • Hoop Barriers – Secure site perimeters and prevent unwelcome guests by restricting vehicle access.
  • Crash Barriers – Installed on road sides to prevent accidents.
  • Bollards – Available in a variety of styles and materials.
    • Traffic Cones
    • Plastic and Steel Bollards
    • Removable Bollards
    • Street Bollards
    • Illuminated Bollards
    • Security Bollards
  • Parking and Security Posts – For better management of car parking facilities.
    • Parking Posts
    • Security Steel Posts
    • Chain Posts
    • Kerbs

London Gates & Grilles offers a comprehensive range of barriers and bollards for every conceivable use. If you are in the market for barriers or bollards, take a look at our product range and let us assist you in selecting the best option for your requirements.

Our expert team will install the barriers or bollards at your business premises at the most reasonable rates and in the least possible time. Contact us today and get more details.

Barriers and Bollards