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We offer state of the art automation for your comfort and convenience

Technology advances at warp speed in today’s world. Due to this every type of comfort is available in all aspects of life. Automation is one such comfort resulting from the development in technology. Through mechanization, we are able to get all sorts of jobs done without expending much effort – in most cases all that is required is pressing a button.

At London Gates & Grilles we offer a wide range of gates, grilles, fencing, railings and access control systems – for a more secure and beautiful way of life for you and your family. To add comfort and convenience to this mix we offer automation utilizing the latest technology. Our automated solutions help make the usage of our products simpler, easier and more convenient.

Listed below are the various automated solutions that we offer. Have a read through and see what suits your requirements the best.

Swing Gates

You no longer need to go out of your house, walk the driveway and manually exert yourself to open the gate to a visitor. With the assistance of automation all you need to do is press a button from the comfort of the interiors of your home and the gates swing open automatically. We provide automation systems for swing gates with leaves measuring between 1.3m and 8m in length.

Sliding Gates

As with swing gates, we also provide automation systems for sliding gates weighing between 200Kg and 3500Kg.

Garage Doors

Manual operation of garage doors can be quite exhausting especially for overhead doors. It becomes even more of a chore when the weather outside is either too hot or too cold. London Gates & Grilles provides automation systems for overhead and sectional garage doors of up to 9m2 and 14m2 respectively. All you need to do is press a button on a remote control from the comfort of your car and the garage doors open automatically to let the car in or out.

Complete Kits

We offer complete kits for the automation of sliding and swing gates as well as garage doors. These are easy to install on your own or with our assistance.

Automatic Parking Barriers

We supply and install a variety of parking barriers for road widths of between 2.5m and 12m. Check out the various design options we have on offer.

Automatic Bollards

We also have on offer, a range of automated bollards like the Urbaco automatic retractable traffic bollards. If you are in the market for bollards, take a look at our product range and let us assist you in selecting the best option for your requirements.

Parking Systems

We provide and install comprehensive systems for managing car parking and payment collection. These can be installed in malls, offices, parking lots, etc.

Access control

We offer and install Integrated access control and management systems for houses, offices, public places, etc.

Professional Gate Hardware

We provide all sorts of accessories for gates like hinges, handles, wheels, guide-plates, end-stops, carriages and monorails. We have everything you need to provide the best automation for your gate.

Industrial Entrances

Our products also cater equally well to the requirements of the industrial sector. We provide automation systems for roller shutters, sectional and folding doors, etc. No matter what size or scale you operate on, we have just the right solutions for you.

Automatic doors

London Gates & Grilles offers automation systems for sliding as well as swing doors with profiles and breakaway systems, leading to maximum convenience for you.


We also have in our portfolio of products turnstiles which can help control pedestrian traffic.

Home Automation

We have integrated systems for controlling your home automation system. Whatever your automation requirement may be, we have the solution for it.

Awnings, Blinds & Screens

We also offer automation solutions for roller shutters, awnings, screens and venetian blinds. So we also provide you indoors comfort and convenience.

Contact us today for more details on your specific requirements.