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Armco Barriers

Armco Barriers are steel safety barrier systems that are extensively used both indoors and outdoors for low impact and low speed applications such as car parks, residential areas, warehouses, factories and industrial sites. The objective of these Armco barriers is to keep vehicles within a designated area to safeguard people, machinery and buildings against damages that mobile vehicles may potentially cause.

Our Armco Barriers are extremely versatile and can be used both as a single or a multiple height barrier, either secured down or fixed in to the ground. The legs can also be made to support an integral handrail for better protection. The general size of our Armco Barriers is 3500mm long and width of 3mm. The barrier can be modified to suit client’s specifications. Our special cutting service allows you to choose the sizing of the barrier runs.

Armco Crash Barrier Beams:

These beams are made of high standard corrugated steel. They provide ample and steady protection from slow moving vehicles. These barrier beams can save you both time and money in any unfortunate turn of events.

Armco Crash Barrier Posts:

We have a variety of different types and styles of steel posts. They can either be bolted down or fixed in and also RSJ and Z section posts.

  • Finishes:
    • You can choose from a variety of colors for your crash barrier products accompanied with our standard hot galvanized finish.
  • Bolts and Cement:
    • The post price does not include bolts and cement. You will be charged for them separately, should you require these services from us.

Open Box Beam System:

This Open Beam Box System is specially designed for high risk areas. These box beam systems are made out of pure steel and are perfect for application in high volume traffic areas such as delivery zones. The standard Armco barrier can be used with the open box beam system.

  • We provide a power coating service if you require a certain color for your beams and all our barriers come with a standard galvanization so they stay as strong as possible.

Armco Corners:

We have a variety of corners available. If your Armco barrier is installed near any twists or turns then these corners are a must. They provide a rounded corner making the system better looking, safer and efficient.

Armco Ends:

There are a variety of ends to choose from depending on the conditions and the area where the barrier is installed. If it’s near a residential area, you can go with a D section; in industrial areas fishtail end is more suitable and safer.