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Restoration Services

Restoration Services- There are many reasons why someone would want to restore their old gates and railings rather than getting a new one. Conservation of heritage has become increasingly important due to which many people choose to restore the old gates and railings. Other reasons can be emotional value, financial value or maybe the gate is beautiful and one of a kind. Our team at London Gates works tirelessly and efficiently to ensure that your gates and railings are restored to their original perfect appearance.

We offer complete restoration of any wood, wrought and cast iron, metal gates and railings as well as design and manufacturing service for any new custom decorative metalwork. We have decades of experience under our belt restoring different types of gates, railings, balustrades and balconies. Our expertise is to combine the correct approach and skills with the correct techniques to lengthen the life span while also conserving the historic content of your metalwork for coming generations to nurture and enjoy. We use tried and tested methods to ensure that the authenticity of your gates and railings is not compromised. Our skills are not just limited to conservation of the gates but we have also mastered the special engineering skills that are required to work with complicated hinging and hanging systems. Our job is to breathe life back into the withering gates and railings that would have been destroyed, discarded or replaced otherwise. Whether it a replication, refurbishment or repairing, we offer bespoke solutions meaning we can tailor our services to meet client’s specifications completely.

What type of restoration do you require?

We first begin by evaluating the type of damage; the degree of restoration differs greatly based on it so taking the condition and historic value into consideration is an important step. Some may only require removal of mild corrosion and paints while some may require complete rebuilding and also custom handmade parts to replace the missing sections that are damaged or fallen off. Once we assess the damage, we will present our client with a detailed proposal. We at London Gates don’t make any false promises to our clients; we tell them exactly what they should expect once we are done with the restoration process. Our project managers will be glad to walk you through the entire process. We pride ourselves in providing the best customer service without any compromise on quality. Contact us today and get a no-obligation quote for your project.