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Gates Solutions

We provide all types of gates for all types of requirements

London Gates & Grilles provides and installs all types of gates (metal gates, iron gates) to meet every type of access control requirements. We offer, within each category of gates a wide variety of options to select from. Only when you have a varied collection to choose from would you be able to find something that is closest to your requirement and discernment. Furthermore, the access options to the gates that we offer are also just as diversified. Remote key fobs, push button intercom systems, etc. are just some of the entry alternatives on offer from our diverse array.
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Driveway Gates

At London Gates & Grilles we design and manufacture various varieties of driveway gates so that you have the alternatives you desire when you want to install a driveway gate at your new house, or replace your old one with a new design closer to your prerequisites. The basic material of the gate, its design and the various functions or utilities it offers are the various factors that you should consider when selecting a driveway gate. We offer multiple options in all the mentioned aspects.

When you want to select a driveway gate you should know that we can actually custom make it for you to integrate if not all than at least most of your requirements. Gates can be as basic or as intricate in design and functions as you may want them to be.

Pedestrian gates

Sometimes due to constriction of space or reasons of security it may be practical for you to install a smaller gate which not only fits into the scheme of your entrance but also provides you with a degree of access control for your security. Or for larger houses or estates, you may even want a combination of larger and smaller gates.

A pedestrian gate is one which is designed to restrain access of those entering your house or office by way of its size or with the help of a barrier. These doors are designed in such a way as to permit a one person at a time access and due to their size cannot allow any large vehicle to pass through. At London Gates & Grilles, we offer a large variety of pedestrian gates for you to select from. We install these gates for you after a complete survey of your place.

Security Gates

At London Gates & Grilles, we also offer a complete range of security gates which conform to your exact security requirement. We ensure that every aspect of your security prerequisites is taken into consideration and a security entrance solution completely in sync with your constraints is developed for you.

At London Gates & Grilles we design, manufacture and install gates for both residential and commercial customers. Every gate that we offer conforms to the highest standards of quality. Whether you require a gate for your driveway, garden, entrance, estate or parking area we can accommodate your needs. Similarly we provide gates for businesses, industries and public places also.

We provide electronic gate controls fitted to enable automatic gates via keypad access, giving added security along with the ease and convenience of electric operation. We can actually make any type of gate into an electric gate using various state of the art techniques, like the Frog, FERNI, ATI Motors, etc. Furthermore, we also provide gate repairs, service, maintenance and restoration for gates of any type or size.

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Gates Solutions