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Garage Doors

Garage doors are a welcome investment to any home. By upgrading your basic doors to a mid-tier range door, there is a higher expecting resale value than you would receive if you remodeled your master bathroom or kitchen. Over time, this investment will pay for itself. At London Gates & Grilles we want to offer top notch doors that will get you high end security, function, and your money back over time. We have a large selection for you to choose from, and all are customizable to your liking.

According to the Cost vs. Value Report by Remodeling Magazine, upgrading your garage doors to a higher level of quality that we ourselves offer ends up paying for itself. This is because of curb appeal. Up to 30% of your front home is used up by a front facing garage. With an appealing door from us, you can increase your curb appeal by a lot, hence upping the pricing you can sell your home for. It is said that a single door installation can bring the value of a house up by 4%.

Many garages that are installed in homes these days are also not energy efficient, driving electric bills up and energy efficiency down. Our garage doors are guaranteed to cut down those energy bills with our energy efficient doors.

Our selection of garage doors is nearly endless in terms of customizability. We offer several variants of access doors including wood doors and automatic garage doors.

Wood garage doors offer an appealing look to any home. They make the curb appeal shoot through the roof because of its homey appearance. It makes all homes look warm and cozy, which makes buyers want the house even more. Our thick wooden doors also offer great natural insulation making them energy efficient.

Our automatic garage door options are also endless. You can have a wooden automatic garage door or metal garage door. Each of these follow our high quality standards of garage door automation that we set for ourselves. No one in the industry has door automation safety and security standards like us.

With automatic garage doors, you are easily able to get into and out of your garage with the push of a button. When we install any type of automatic garage door, we set up a keypad beside the door for entrance when a remote is not present, and also a few remotes that can be used by friends and family. All of our automatic doors are user friendly, and can have several third party remotes set up with them. The motors are quiet and un-disturbing also.

London Gates & Grilles wants your curb appeal to increase, and also your security. Buying one of our new garage doors could increase the security and value of your home by a great deal. For a free quote on your next garage door, call or email London Grilles & Grates.

Garage Doors