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Electric Gate Accessories

We offer a range of electric gate accessories for state of the art automation of your gates

At Handy Gates & Grilles, electric gates are our forte and all our gates are made up and accessorized with the best parts available in the market. All electric gate accessories that we present and install are manufactured by CAME (Europe’s leader in electro mechanical automation systems with over 30 years experience).

Detailed below are some of the popular electric gate accessories that we offer:

Electric Gate Control Panels

Every CAME electric gate operating systems requires a CAME control panel, to receive the mains electricity feed at the gateway and to distribute the wiring to the motors and the particular switching devices all around the gateway. The control panels comply with international standards of quality.

Electric Gate Radio Remote Controls

We offer radio remote controls to operate electric gates. These remove the requirement to actually point them at the gates to open or close them. These high-tech remote controls are battery operated and will generally last for about a year in normal residential use. The range of distance from which the gates can be operated is normally not less than 50 meters.

Electric Gate Digital Keypads

Digital Keypads are a safe way to allow friends, family or other authorized visitors to enter through your electric gateway. These keypads are tamperproof and cannot be forced open. The CAME range of keypads are designed to work in combination with CAME control equipment and are finished in an eye-catching and durable stainless steel finish.

CAME Key-switch

The CAME key-switch provides exactly the method by which an allowed key holder can switch the gates to open automatically. The keys are of a conventional type and extra keys can be cut locally at a qualified locksmith. The key-switch has a metallic finish, giving a smart and strong look. A key-switch is often used in combination with other forms of switching at the gateway.

Magnetic Key Reader

The magnetic key reader works in a similar way to the standard key-switch. The coded magnetic key has a specific code which will only activate the gates in the correct key reader. This alternative of switching is very widespread in commercial switching situations as it provides a safe and easy mode of entrance.

Push Button and Timer

Two weatherproof push buttons are usually installed, one outside for entry and one inside for exit. They can be positioned anywhere to accommodate your specific requirements but are normally put on the right hand side of the entrance when coming in and on a button post on the driveway, so it can be reached from the vehicle driver’s window, on exit. The time-switch has a 72 hour battery back-up in case of a power cut.

Induction Loop

When a vehicle passes over the Induction Loop, its presence is detected and it throws a pulse switch to open the entrance. They are normally made use of on busy and accessible gateways to allow freedom of vehicle movement; sometimes for exit only, but sometimes loops are laid inside and outside to allow free entrance and exit. These are frequently overridden by a time-switch so that right of entry can be limited to certain hours.

Coin Operator

In order to preserve an augmented level of safety CAME offer a coin operator with re-useable, grooved coins / tokens for occasional visitors coming in on irregular basis. The tokens can be given out or sent in advance to users to deposit in the slot on arrival. There are numerous applications for the coin operator method of switching.

Card Reader

A Card Reader access control system is a very resourceful way for a large number of users to be obliged and monitored as they pass through an electric gateway. This touch-plate is not affected by the weather and the card is read instantaneously and with ease.

Audible Intercoms

A two-way speech Audible Intercom gives the extra aspect of allowing you to converse with the visitor at your gateway from the convenience and safety of your home. When the button at the gateway is pushed the indoors wall phone rings for you to speak to the visitor before letting them in. As an added extra, a ‘Leave-open switch’ can be fitted to the wall phone, enabling you to keep your gates temporarily open from inside your home when required.

Visual Intercoms

A Visual Intercom allows you to see your visitors face before conversing with them. This additional facet gives you even more control over whom you allow onto your property. The standard Visual Intercom is a one-to-one set of equipment, where one outside speech and Camera unit station communicates with one indoor wall mounted telephone and miniature television monitor.

Safety Photocells

CAME active infra-red safety beams are imperceptible to the naked eye, but can be transmitted from a DOC transmitter up to 18 meters in outdoor conditions to a DOC receiver. These characterize positive “beam” protection around the gateway and on wing type gates they are normally installed in two sets, one just in front of the gate line and one just inside the arc-line of travel described by the swinging wing of each gate.

In this way, a security zone is created, for automatically timed closure of the electric gates. If a vehicle is still within the area of travel of the gates, it will prevent the gates from closing and furthermore, if a beam is broken after the automatic closing has begun, it will re-open and hold the gateway open until the impediment is cleared.

Electric Lock

The electric lock has the mechanical ability to be released automatically by the control panel or by a key in the event of a power cut. To remove the possibility of damage, or to remove the stress and strains caused by pounding winds on gates, such electric locks can be very useful.
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Electric Gate Accessories