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Metal Grilles

London Gates & Grilles sells and installs various metal grilles into homes, commercial buildings, and industrial areas. Our expertise for full window and door security is superb. With our metal grilles you can expect complete protection that deters criminals, and ease of mind at all times. All of the grilles we offer meet safety EN standards, and come in a comprehensive amount of different shapes and sizes. Best of all each metal grille that we sell to our customers are custom fitted for them, and them only.

Installation of metal grilles could not be any easier. We offer superb and quick service so that you can get your security grilles on quick to deter any criminals that may be lurking and waiting to punce upon your building. No matter the size or shape, or complex that we are putting them on, we can guarantee a simple installation that will be as sturdy and secure as any other grille that is on the market.

Over the years, we have gained a large amount of expertise on what and what doesn’t deter criminals. We have found that though alarm systems do scare away criminals, there is nothing else that fully deters a criminal from even trying to criminalize a building other than metal grilles. This is because our metal is extremely durable to any sort of force, whether it be human, or natural. They can only be opened from the inside also, with a designated lock and key. It is even more secure with electric grilles because the electric motors refuse to budge without being activated by a switch which is also inside.

Knowing that criminals can’t get inside your building is a great ease of mind. You don’t have to spend nights worrying what it will look like in the morning. With our metal grilles, there is no doubt that your building will look like it had when you left it.

European Norms states that metal grilles must be able to come of quickly and easily in the case of emergency. We have designed safety technologies that make the metal grilles open up easily in the case of a fire, earthquake or any other natural disaster.

London Gates & Grilles offers 100% customer satisfaction with our metal grilles. We will custom fit every order that is placed. Because all windows and doors are so varied, it is important that we offer this sort of customizability. With a properly fitted metal grille, your windows and doors will be as safe as they can ever be.

We want our customers to know that we strive to have the best metal grilles in the industry. They are superb in security and ease of mind. If you want any sort of high level security, call us today and we will give you a free quote for metal grilles.