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Electric Security Gates

Making Electric security Gates even more convenient

Manual gates are great in their own way; however they get inconvenient when you have large amounts of incoming and outgoing traffic. Over time you may even get exhausted from the inconvenience they create when going in and out of them. Electric security Gates cannot be neglected, but there are great alternatives that make security gates more convenient.

Electric security gates bring convenience to security. There are many mechanisms in which you can open an electric gate:

  • Remote entry
    • With this mechanism, you are given a remote button that opens the gate with a single click of a button. Only manually programmed remotes work with the gate, so you don’t have to worry about unwanted entry. This type of electric gate entry system is best used for office buildings, or community centers.
  • Automatic entry
    • Automatic entries utilize motion sensing technologies to open the gate when your vehicle is nearby. The security of automatic entry is not lower than any other electronic security gate. This is because you can turn off automatic entry when you don’t want people coming in to your property. These kinds of gates are best for sports complexes, shopping centers, or any other place that has regular new coming visitors during the day.
  • Keypad entry
    • To enter, you must know a code that you yourself have set up. The code must be entered on a keypad that is either on the gate, or near it. Anyone who has the code can get in, but without it, you are locked out. This is great for government offices or corporate offices that need a higher level of security without a security guard on watch 24/7.

There are many different alternatives to choose

We offer electric swing gates, electric lift gates, and electric sliding gates.

The swing gates are a great addition if you are going for a pristine entry, however if there are high volumes of individuals entering and leaving, you may want to think again.

Lift gates and sliding gates offer a much better solution to high volumes of traffic. A lift gate uses a cantilever system. This is operated by a chain drive motor lift which can lift any gate with ease. The sliding gates are simpler in terms of motors; however they offer a unique convenience. A single sliding gate can open up to 40 feet and a double sliding gate offers up to 80 open feet, this is great for industrial properties that are letting in large trucks.

Our electric security gates also come in several variations. You can choose chain link, ornamental, which looks great but is only good for low-end security, or industrial level.

London Gates & Grilles wants our customers to be happy with their choice of electric security gates. If you have any questions or want to get started, please call or email us. We will be glad to help.