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Security Door Gates

Feel the security of a driveway gate in the size of a door

Security Door Gates- Some may not have the driveway length that is needed to install a security driveway gate. However, you do not need a driveway gate to keep your home safe from any unwanted individuals stepping onto your property. Instead, you can install any security door gate that is available at London Gates & Grilles.

Security door gates offer security in a small package. They are just as secure as their bigger siblings. Instead of letting in vehicles however, they let in individuals. Much like a door, a security door gate is operated on hinges, and is opened by a latch or door handle. The gates are locked by hidden vault pins, tamper proof locks, and locking poles for double gates.

Make the door gate yours

Our security door gates are some of the most customizable gates we offer. There are so many designs that you can choose from, and so many materials. You can have wood or metal designs; both can be fitted to your entryway so you can have the highest security possible. We also offer a variety of themed gates. These can be made to fit the style of your house perfectly.

The benefits that come with security door gates.

Our door gates will fit your needs to perfection. You can have the security gate that you want to. Some great benefits of having one of these gates are:

  • Ease of mind
    • With a security door gate you can forget about worrying who’s going to come on to your property. With a locked gate, it is nearly impossible for someone to enter. If they want to speak to you, or you want to speak to them without opening the gate, you can also install an intercom system to communicate.
  • You choose how accessible your house is
    • The choice is yours when deciding who can enter your dwelling. If you have several people living with you, give them all a key to the gate. If you are expecting guests, all you have to do is unlock the gate, and they can open and close the gate as they arrive.
  • Adds elegance to your house
    • All of the door gates are customizable to your liking, and all add a sophisticated feel to your home. People from the street and your neighbors will notice your gate and will recognize how polished it looks. It will instantly make your home the most desirable house in the neighborhood.
  • Increases property value
    • With better security, and an added elegance, your security door gate will greatly increase property value. If you ever sell your home, the security gate will be a huge selling point because people like the comfort it adds to their home.

Everything about a door gate is positive. There is no reason not to get one. With so much added value and security to your home, security door gates are a great investment.

London Gates & Grilles offers a wide array of these gates, so if you want to invest in one, or have more questions, give us a call or email us, and we will be happy to help!