Came Safe Engineer

Certified engineers are qualified to make safe automated gates.

With several injuries in the past few years in the United Kingdom, legislation has begun stepping up safety standards in the gate industry – Which makes many of the gates that are being engineered illegal. It is of utmost importance that gates are engineered by professionals that have passed the CAMESafe training program. Engineers with a CAMESafe certification and logo are qualified to engineer automated gates that follow all safety standards, promoting a safe automated gating experience.

A Came Safe Engineer must follow the guidelines that installers must follow.

The installers of an automated gate must follow specific safety regulations in order to set up a legally safe gate. Many of the standards that are followed by installers are followed by engineers, because they are one in the same. Gates being engineered must be treated as if they are being installed two times, once during the construction and engineering of the gate, and a second during the actual installation. This is to follow a double-check system that is in place so as to make automated gates as safe as possible.

Came Safe Engineers will have an Installer certified logo if they have passed the course.

If your gate engineer, or gate company, does not have the CAMESafe Installer badge on their website or business card, they do not have all of the knowledge that a certified professional would have who had taken the actual CAMESafe course. Engineers who have gone through the course are professionally trained to understand the consequences of not engineering a safe gate. They know what safety problems look like, and how to fix them. Engineers who have not taken the course may not have such a complete composition of knowledge on gate safety.

Along with extensive knowledge of gate safety, engineers are given a CAMESafe Course Handbook at the completion of the course. With this handbook, engineers are able to go back and look at the entire course’s documentation. This includes samples, templates, and guides to gate engineering and installation. With the handbook it is effortless to go back and check on a regulation or standard that is not clear to the engineer. They can make sure that they are complying with all standards that need to be met legally.

All of our engineers have gone through the CAMESafe training course and have passed with flying colors. We want nothing more than to promote a high level of safety in our installation of automated gates. Our customers trust us when they see that our Engineers have the CAMESafe accreditation. London Gates and Grilles is proud to be a CameSafe certified Company.