Came Safe Company

A company that is aware of gate safety is a Came Safe Company.

The last few years of United Kingdom legislations have been largely focused on gate safety regulations. This is for a good reason too, as there have been many serious injuries pertaining to automated gates. In 2006, a company by the name of CAMESafe was started. Their goal was to promote a standard of gate safety within the UK in order to stop the unnecessary injuries from gates.

Any company that installs gates for the public is highly recommended to send employees to the CAMESafe courses. At the courses, employees will learn the reasoning behind the legislation of gate safety, the hazards that each gate consists of, and how to make sure installed gates comply with the safety regulations that the legislation has ordered. At the end of the course, employees will receive the CAMESafe Installer badge, which can then be used on the company website.

The CAMESafe logo shows customers that a company puts importance on safety.

Much like London Gates & Grilles, companies that have CAMESafe accreditation are regarded as “safe” companies. Companies with the logo can be trusted by customers to put safety as their top priority when installing an automated gate. It allows for customers to have confidence when choosing an automation installer.

CAMESafe follows EN standards.

Companies who take the CAMESafe course know the EN standards also, and many, if not all, follow them. EN stands for European Norms, and they are a classification of Standards that all products that are sold in the UK and European Union must follow. Otherwise, they cannot be sold. The companies without an accreditation from CAMESafe may not comply with these standards, and therefore, may be selling illegal gates to their customers.

Came Safe companies are protected.

Companies who pass the course have a higher knowledge and skill level of installing safe gates, and repairing them to safety standards. With the more knowledge that they have, companies can protect themselves, and their customers, from any legal, financial, or moral implications that may come up if a gate happens to meet unsafe standards.

London Gates & Grilles prides itself for being one of the many CAMESafe accredited companies with Certified CameSafe Installers and CameSafe Engineers. We are proud to offer our customers the confidence that they deserve when choosing a company for automated gate installation. Our company complies with all of the standards of the EN, and also the Machinery Directive 2006 /42/EC. We want our customers and the public to be safe when using our automated gates.