Came Safe Installer

Came Safe Installers are trusted professionals for the installation of automated gates.

CAMESafe is an EDI accredited company that strives for public knowledge about the need for gate safety. They promote the need to comply with European Norms and other standards that have been put into place by legislation. To promote the need for safety further, they also offer a two-day course that covers an array of automated gate installation and safety standards. All people who pass the training will receive an accreditation, and the allowance of the use of the CAMESafe logo on business cards and websites.

Gate installers who take the course gain a plethora of information that can be used in their field of work. Some key subjects that the course goes over are:

  • Understanding the regulations
    • Installers go through the EN standards and the Machinery Directives that are enforced by UK law. They learn the differences, and how to comply with them correctly.
  • Risk Assessment
    • They are taught to assess the site, how to complete the documentation of risk assessment, and how to overall keep the gate installation safe.
  • Different types of gates and their installations
    The installers are taken through a quick rundown of the different types of gates, and what safety mechanisms are needed.

    • Swing gates need to have quick reverse motions in order to stop trapping
    • Slide gates need to have protected sliding rollers in order to prevent snagging and shearing.
  • Force test evaluations
    • Goes over what force testing is, how to take a force test, and what it means when a force is too high
  • How to document your work
    • Installers are shown when and how to document what they have done on their installations. This protects them and their business as much as it protects the customer.
  • And much more…
    • (Such as installation handover and guidelines, adding additional safety accessories (in order to meet EN12453 Standards a different way), the importance of periodic maintenance, and which equipment is suitable for the job.

London Gates & Grilles has accredited Came Safe Installers and engineers as employees. We honor the safety of the public, and our customers. As a CameSafe certified company, we make sure our installers interpret the legal safety regulations correctly. It is our goal to have a safe automated gate installation that makes our customers happy and comfortably safe.