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Wooden Driveway Gates

Wooden driveway gates are the entrance into your home. So, it is imperative that you have an elegant driveway gate to match your elegant house. We offer many contemporary wooden driveway gates that show off only the best craftsmanship. With a mix of wooden materials, and endless designs to choose from, you can get the gate that fits your house. We also offer automatic gates that use cutting edge technology for the convenience that you need.

We offer several variants of elegant wooden driveway gates with various in many different sizes, so as to fit your driveway. Our collection of woods consist of redwood, fir, cedar, and mahogany. All are coated with a weather resistance chemical that will make them completely rot free for years. There’s no maintenance required to keep these wooden gates pristine.

All of these wooden gates can have a custom color to them. There is no limiting to what you can do with these gates.

The wooden driveway gates are usually swing-out gates. Which means you are going to need a large enough driveway to allow for a gate to fully swing out. Our gates are held in place by durable hinges that move with ease, and do not squeak. If you have a manual variant, your gate will be locked by hinge-locks, and a padlock at the center where the two gate doors meet.

Automatic wooden driveway gates offer great convenience.

Your wooden gate can be made automatic if requested on London Gates & Grilles. Our unique motor designs offer great stability and elegance when sliding open. We offer several ways you can open these gates. There is motion control, which uses motion sensors to sense cars when close, remote control, which uses a remote button to open and close the gate, or a keypad system, in which you must enter a code to open the gate. All options offer a more convenient way to open your gate, without getting out of your car.

London Gates & Grilles makes sure your automatic gates are safe.

Our motors use a ram drive to open and close the gate. Depending on the size of your gate will change the size and power of each motor. All of our motors conform to the latest standards in our industry and are all tested to BS EN 12453 for safety purposes.

We also are Gate Safe and CAMESafe certified, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your wooden driveway gate will follow all safety standards required by European Norms and British Standards. Some safety mechanisms that we use are motion sensors to sense if any object gets in the way of the gate and force testing, to make sure the gates does not use 1400 Newtons of force at one time, and the reaction time to which the gate stops motion when an object does get in the way.