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Sliding Driveway Gate

London Gates & Grilles produces and installs a great series of sliding driveway gates. We offer many different types of sliding gates that offer the highest level of security, along with a beautiful look and graceful movements while sliding. The gates that have been designed by our company had two goals in mind for sliding driveway gates: easy installation and safety. We take several safety precautions before we even begin installing the gates, and many more during the installation. As installers ourselves, we know that some sliding gates can be difficult to put up, but our simplistic rolling designs make sure that our gates can be put up easily by professionals on the first try.

Whether you choose wood or metal, sliding driveway gates are the safest security gate that you can find on the market. All the gate relies on for opening and closing are its wheel rollers. If the rollers are locked, or the path that they travel on is locked, the gate is going nowhere. There is no other gate that can guarantee this high level of security with such simple locking mechanisms.

Smooth and graceful rolling is a standard we follow when making our sliding driveway gates. There are two kinds of rolling systems that the gates follow. One is on a metal track that is put into the ground, and the other is a cantilever mechanism. The first mechanism, the ground track, can be very smooth in movement. However, debris can get caught in the track making for a bumpier gate movement, or no gate movement at all. Which is why many of our best sliding gates use the cantilever rolling mechanism. This mechanism uses two rollers, one on top of the sliding gate, and one on the bottom. However, the gate is suspended a few centimeters above the ground. Instead of the track being on the ground, it is on the side of the fencing to the right and/or left of the gate. This mechanism is a lot harder to have debris get caught in it, and makes for a much more reliable sliding gate.

We pride ourselves in making some of the easiest to install sliding gates in the industry. Our slide gates do not need to fit on the track perfectly on first install, because after the first slide of the gate, the wheels automatically find the track and fit perfectly into them. This easy installation method is as safe as any other install methodology, and meets all safety standards of the EN.

London Gates & Grilles holds high standards for our sliding driveway gates so customers can get the best slide gates possible for their driveway. If you want your free quote for your sliding driveway gate, drop us a line, or send off an email to us. We are honored to help any customer that we can.