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Metal Driveway Gates

Our metal driveway gates offer a premium look and feel. Durable, and weather resistant, there are no other kinds of metal gates that can match the strength and security of metal gates. They come in different sorts of materials including wrought iron, galvanized steel, and stainless steel. Metal driveway gates are very customizable to your liking, and can be made to fit your driveway perfectly.

There is a high premium feel to metal driveway gates. They look strong and tough, yet elegant and simple. Many of our customers love the fact that our metal gates are free to customize. Even if you want a gate that is not our standard design, we can still make the gate so long as we have proper architectural plans to manufacture the gate.

Our guarantee for durability offers the best weather protection that any metal driveway gate in the industry can offer. With our powder coat coating, and and E-Coat, our gates will look superb in any season, no matter how harsh. There will be no rusting because of the anti-rust paint that we use that protects the metal itself. The security of our metal driveway gates are superb. With our anti-lock hinges installed, and heavy-duty padlocks, it is nigh impossible to break in.

Wrought iron, galvanized steel, and stainless steel are our three most popular metals due to their great looks, and long-lasting strength. Each metal has its own unique look. The wrought iron has a black gloss as a standard color, stainless steel has a sharp shine to it that no other metals can match, and galvanized steel has a tough looking matte finish. They can all also be colored differently in order to match the theme of your driveway and property if you want to do so. London Gates & Grilles is open to any customer specifications for customization.

Different driveways have different widths and curves to them. Our metal driveway gates are made to custom fit any driveway. Given the width of a driveway, we can make sure your gate will fit perfectly. If you call us, we can come out and give you a free quote as we inspect your driveway, and specify your order to the exact dimensions that you need.

We will also assess and recommend which metal gate we think will deliver the best driveway gate experience. The options to choose from are usually a swing out gate, or a sliding gate. However you can also choose to have a folding gate.

No matter what you choose, London Gates & Grilles will be happy to oblige. There is no wrong customization that you can go with. You tell us what you want, and we will give you the metal driveway gate that you want.

If you want to get your free quote for your metal driveway gate, give us a call or send us an email. We are happy to help our customers at all times with any of their gate needs.