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Electric Driveway Gate

Convenience is key when having a driveway gate. Which is why it is so critical to choose an electric driveway gate. Our electric driveway gates offer the most convenience out of our driveway gate selection. They can be metal or wooden gates, and they can be swing, slide or fold gates. Each one has many positive features that attribute to their usefulness, but it all comes down to the convenience that they all offer.

It is a pain opening and closing manual driveway gates. You have to get out of your car to open them, drive forward, and then get out again to close them. And if you are ever in a rush, you can forget to close it, and defeat the purpose of even having a gate in the first place. Electric gates take out all of the stress and inconvenience that manual gates pose. They offer quick and concise movements that will allow you to get in and out of your home with ease. They close automatically after you leave, so you don’t even have to step out of your car to remember to close it. Total ease of mind.

Along with the convenience our gates offer, there is also the safety factor. Electric gates have the same hinge locking mechanism of manual gates, but there is also the locking of the electric motor that promotes even more security. Without the electric motor moving the gate, it is impossible to open.

Our selection of electric driveway gates is large. There is one major choice to choose from, and from there, there are several smaller choices that account for a driveway gate that perfectly fits your driveway. You can either choose a wooden or metal electrical gate. A wooden driveway gate will offer beauty but not very much safety. A metal driveway gate will offer security, and a slight touch of elegance. Then, you must choose a swing, slide, or fold gate. Swing gates take up the most room, where folding gates take up the least. Sliding gates are in between, but offer the highest level of security due to its locking mechanisms and cantilever mechanism. It all depends on what matches your driveway, and if you want, we can come by your property and give you a free quote and a recommendation about which gate type would work best for your driveway.

London Gates & Grilles aims for our customers to have the best fitting electric driveway gates that fit their property perfectly. If you would like to discuss your free quote with us you can do so over the phone or through email at any time that is convenient to you.

Electric Driveway Gate